Thousand Pieces

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As the darkness falls at our feet
Do we stoop to collect the shattered parts
Of the life that we once thought was complete?
Or cast away our hope from our lost and lonely heart?

Can we stand to see our hope’s demise
The last of that which we held so dear
Till the last of life’s light is torn from our eyes
Just fall upon your knees and know the end is near!

For all the happiness that we think we hold
Is ripped from our arms that grasp with hope
And the darkness we despise engulfs our soul
Till our only source of peace hangs at the end of a rope

Can we find the thousand pieces of our shattered heart
Can we stand to look in the broken mirror of the soul
Without first seeing our reflection on every single part
And know without doubt that we shall never be whole!

None shall know the terror that is my own
When the darkness consumes your mind, heart, and soul
When the bliss washes away to reveal that we are alone
That where once was a heart is now a gaping hole!

For no one can collect the thousand pieces that lay broken,
And none can replace a heart that has stopped within
I take the scar that I wear upon my body as a token
To remind me of the lies that hide my sin…


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Awoke to darkness
Head is spinning
I cannot think, I cannot see
Eyes adjusting to the darkness
And yet there’s nothing before me

Try to stand my legs unmoving
Try to scream, for air I’m gasping
Cannot see this world before me
Darkness falls upon my soul

I try to move, a useless struggle
Clench my teeth behind bleeding lips
Throat is dry, there is no watter
cannot feel, the numbness coming

I feel the cold, blind eyes beholding
Darkness is in front of me
I want to stand, my legs crumble
Falling through the unforgiving

Hit the ground, the pain I’m feeling
Washed away by returning numb
I close my eyes no end to darkness
Doomed to die this final breath

I gasp for air, no life is given
I lay upon the cold hard earth
Never more in sleep I’m stirring
Never more to feel this pain

Arms outreached, I don’t remember
Coldness flooding like December
Embrace of death, I drown in silence
My silent screams are choked away

I turn my head, eyes unblinking
Never more to see the day
Numbness coming, yet again
I feel no fear in this dark land

I will never see tomorrow
or feel the sun’s touch on my skin
Never more shall none remember
As the world around me fades

Into darkness, unforgiven
Into nothingness, alone
My final effort, I surrender
Succumbing to the world around

Gasping in vein, to live again
My empty voice is cracked in pain
Fall to darkness, never sleeping
Never more to breath again…


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Darkness falls upon the earth
We live a lie, a lie rehearsed
Believe the nothingness we’re worth
We play our part, for we are cursed

This is our character, our prison
Who we are, and what is to come
The stage is set, the curtain risen
Ready for the act to come

In this act we live a lie
A live were in love, hope, existence
A lie we live, we get one try
We die in life, there’s no resistance

This is all, just play our part
Driven by the leading role
Every line torn from your heart
Until in death, it takes its tole

In this life, a script is followed
Never stray from its every line
Though in life, your pain is hollow
Your final act is but to die


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Not with holding, not with standing
Forsaking all that came before
Do not utter do not whisper
Never speak another word

All fear, their voices quiver
Every word a unspoken oath
they scream in silence
Fear in darkness-
Utter not your vows untold

Bleeding lips utter silent lies
While others in their minds with hold
Speak it not- or you shall suffer
Whisper not in depths untold

Listen not to other whispers
Close your ears, and lock your mind
Tell no soul, those words around you
Utter not the words untold


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We are the damned, the unforgiven
Forsaken souls of those who pass
Bound to our eternal torment
Yet none shall ever hear our cries

We are the unremembered
hundreds, thousands are we
Much more than those who walk above
Forgotten, unforgiven, never more to live

Cries from the unwanted reach us
We turn in ignorance, not hearing
We are the damned, a choice was given-
But we forsook the choice to live

We are the long forgotten, unremembered
Death is ours, and ours alone
Death we have, but is forgotten
No hope is ours, for we denied its gift

We die ten thousand times
And yet we never live a day
We die in hell, we burn forever
There is nothing to quench our thirst

We are the damned, the unforgiven
This is our pain to suffer alone
This is the gift of what we’ve chosen
Doomed to die, and in death torment.


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I stand alone, a book I’m holding
In my nightmares cold and empty
All around is blackness burning
Reign of death upon the land
A cold wind blows, its touch is burning

Caught up in pain my hands fall
The book, its pages turn to ash
And soar in torment in the wind
Like ghosts of our forgotten past
“Is this real?” i ask in vein

My words are taken by the wind
I scream in terror, none can hear
Run in vein to escape my hell
Around me fall in ruin great nations
Empires fall upon their knees

I’m over taken by the winds of time
Torn to pieces, for none to remember
To never more be seen again
Yet again I turn my vision
My mind, the pain cant comprehend

The knowledge of that which is to come
Body breaking, spirit falling
Into cold and lifeless hands
Never more to be remembered
In this, my nonexistent land


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We fear the glow of sightless eyes
We fear that wich comes from within the dark
We fear the hate, the pain, the lies
We fear things that tear us apart

We fear death, we fear the life
We fear the grave beneith our feet
We fear the blade of bloody knife
We fear the war, our swift defeat

We fear the darkness in our soul
The fear corrupts the dead and dying
We fear death, the death that we will know
We fear the truith, give in to lying

We fear the hand that holds the gun
Fear the bloody footprints on the floor
We fear the wall of dying sun
We fear the ever closing door

untill death we fear the life
In life we fear the end to all
Fear is the cause of pain and strife
We fear, our backs against the wall

We fear togeather, yet cry alone
We fear the end that comes in night
The fear is real gnaws at your bone
We fear for life, to scared to fight

We fear the end is comming
We fear to die in dark, alone
We fear with constant running
Reality of never returning home. . .


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The symphony of  death calls unto us
For all our pride, our greed, our lust
Deserve the fall from glory
We live a slowly ending story

The life we live, pain of existence
The drug called “hope” is useless
We fear the sky, for none can see
This world of hate, no use to me

We burn in torment of out heart
We kill our friends, tear them apart
Seeking hate, we feast on anger
Deny our friends, believe the stranger

The sin of life is just to live
All those we hate we can’t forgive
There is no way to save the earth
We die in life, we kill from birth

No hell can hold within the pain
That we all have suffered day to day
Fear not the world, for they are lying
We fear our lives, for we are dying

This is the tale to end all souls
the fear of death we all shall know
We do not live we all are dead
The scarlet blood is flowing red

Darkness falls from skies of gray
The hope of light, it fades away
Destruction of earth comes slow
Corroded skies, the hell below

We tear the sky, and we end life
We live in death, we die in strife
No death will take away this hell
Until the world in darkness fell

The damned cry through bleeding lips
The silent lies through darkness slip
No longer pain, the death is real
It Burns our soul, the flames of hell!


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The fear of the undying
Their voices call upon me
Their endless tale of Lying
Blindness falls upon the will to see

No one comes to save you
Can it turn the sky from gray?
This pain, it tears your soul in two
Nothing more can take my fears away

I can feel my nightmares
The pain of life is ripping out my throat
Cannot wash away my fears
Realize in torment-
The song of death has reached its final note

No way to understand my pain
From all of those we cant forget
Can you take this hell away?
The will of the undying, not to live

Out stretched arms from within the grave
The will to live we all forsake
The tears we shed we cannot save
My dreams are killing me awake

No way to understand
Within my soul is crying
As darkness falls upon the land
This pain of mine- undying!

death bell

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Cries of those who weep in vein
As the death bell tolls its final song
Forgotten memories of pain
The death of those who do no wrong

The crescent moon above you reings
The bloody red That fills the sky
The lonely death of all is near
The empty utter silent lies

The painless death shall not be
The hope of all, is all but none
The veil of grey that holds the sea
The tempting fate is never done

Bite your tounge to hold back anger
Tear the pain from bleeding heart
The eyes behold, the vision linger
The misery shall tear apart

The hope of Light is gone forever
The dawn of death shall never forsake
In the darkness, painless? Never
The death bell calls to pain, Awake!