Darkness falls upon the earth
We live a lie, a lie rehearsed
Believe the nothingness we’re worth
We play our part, for we are cursed

This is our character, our prison
Who we are, and what is to come
The stage is set, the curtain risen
Ready for the act to come

In this act we live a lie
A live were in love, hope, existence
A lie we live, we get one try
We die in life, there’s no resistance

This is all, just play our part
Driven by the leading role
Every line torn from your heart
Until in death, it takes its tole

In this life, a script is followed
Never stray from its every line
Though in life, your pain is hollow
Your final act is but to die

5 Responses to “Act”

  1. TheHopeless Says:

    The Act Goes On~

    And when you find Him
    The disguise of death is gone
    For the light’s will dim
    and you’ll see, God is the One

    Life never ends
    Darkness always fades
    The devil never wins
    And Earth is a phase

    loved the poems, keep me inspired ;D

  2. Again, a amazing piece. However, might I make the suggestion of another line?

    ” Never stray from your part
    No matter the struggle in your heart
    If you stray, you’ll loose your way
    And in the end, you never know
    Just who you might have been”

  3. AzureGothBunny Says:

    My dearest Scarlet…you’re such a depressed person, aren’t ya? ;D Oh well. Still love ya. ^^ I so need to write prose versions of your poems; would you let me?

  4. Allison showed me this one at school. It’s good. Better than anything I could ever think of doing. -_-‘

  5. AzureGothBunny Says:

    Hi McKenna!!!! *waves* Tolja it was good! 😛

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