We are the damned, the unforgiven
Forsaken souls of those who pass
Bound to our eternal torment
Yet none shall ever hear our cries

We are the unremembered
hundreds, thousands are we
Much more than those who walk above
Forgotten, unforgiven, never more to live

Cries from the unwanted reach us
We turn in ignorance, not hearing
We are the damned, a choice was given-
But we forsook the choice to live

We are the long forgotten, unremembered
Death is ours, and ours alone
Death we have, but is forgotten
No hope is ours, for we denied its gift

We die ten thousand times
And yet we never live a day
We die in hell, we burn forever
There is nothing to quench our thirst

We are the damned, the unforgiven
This is our pain to suffer alone
This is the gift of what we’ve chosen
Doomed to die, and in death torment.

2 Responses to “Damned”

  1. Alexandria Says:

    like I said before I love it!

  2. Alexandria Says:

    I like it

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