I stand alone, a book I’m holding
In my nightmares cold and empty
All around is blackness burning
Reign of death upon the land
A cold wind blows, its touch is burning

Caught up in pain my hands fall
The book, its pages turn to ash
And soar in torment in the wind
Like ghosts of our forgotten past
“Is this real?” i ask in vein

My words are taken by the wind
I scream in terror, none can hear
Run in vein to escape my hell
Around me fall in ruin great nations
Empires fall upon their knees

I’m over taken by the winds of time
Torn to pieces, for none to remember
To never more be seen again
Yet again I turn my vision
My mind, the pain cant comprehend

The knowledge of that which is to come
Body breaking, spirit falling
Into cold and lifeless hands
Never more to be remembered
In this, my nonexistent land

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