We fear the glow of sightless eyes
We fear that wich comes from within the dark
We fear the hate, the pain, the lies
We fear things that tear us apart

We fear death, we fear the life
We fear the grave beneith our feet
We fear the blade of bloody knife
We fear the war, our swift defeat

We fear the darkness in our soul
The fear corrupts the dead and dying
We fear death, the death that we will know
We fear the truith, give in to lying

We fear the hand that holds the gun
Fear the bloody footprints on the floor
We fear the wall of dying sun
We fear the ever closing door

untill death we fear the life
In life we fear the end to all
Fear is the cause of pain and strife
We fear, our backs against the wall

We fear togeather, yet cry alone
We fear the end that comes in night
The fear is real gnaws at your bone
We fear for life, to scared to fight

We fear the end is comming
We fear to die in dark, alone
We fear with constant running
Reality of never returning home. . .

One Response to “Fear”

  1. Again, this one is good. I think this is my favorite.

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