Awoke to darkness
Head is spinning
I cannot think, I cannot see
Eyes adjusting to the darkness
And yet there’s nothing before me

Try to stand my legs unmoving
Try to scream, for air I’m gasping
Cannot see this world before me
Darkness falls upon my soul

I try to move, a useless struggle
Clench my teeth behind bleeding lips
Throat is dry, there is no watter
cannot feel, the numbness coming

I feel the cold, blind eyes beholding
Darkness is in front of me
I want to stand, my legs crumble
Falling through the unforgiving

Hit the ground, the pain I’m feeling
Washed away by returning numb
I close my eyes no end to darkness
Doomed to die this final breath

I gasp for air, no life is given
I lay upon the cold hard earth
Never more in sleep I’m stirring
Never more to feel this pain

Arms outreached, I don’t remember
Coldness flooding like December
Embrace of death, I drown in silence
My silent screams are choked away

I turn my head, eyes unblinking
Never more to see the day
Numbness coming, yet again
I feel no fear in this dark land

I will never see tomorrow
or feel the sun’s touch on my skin
Never more shall none remember
As the world around me fades

Into darkness, unforgiven
Into nothingness, alone
My final effort, I surrender
Succumbing to the world around

Gasping in vein, to live again
My empty voice is cracked in pain
Fall to darkness, never sleeping
Never more to breath again…

2 Responses to “Unforgiven”

  1. Alexandria Says:

    I love this one its so great! Your like a minny edger alline poe lol 😀 it is so great. I love the subject you use death is sooooooooooooooooo cool for a poem.

  2. This poem speaks to me, it reveals to me how life can be so hopeless that we must submit to it. It made me feel as if it was speaking to me. To the poet I take my hat off to you, for this is indeed the most shocking and intense work of writing I have ever seen

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