Not with holding, not with standing
Forsaking all that came before
Do not utter do not whisper
Never speak another word

All fear, their voices quiver
Every word a unspoken oath
they scream in silence
Fear in darkness-
Utter not your vows untold

Bleeding lips utter silent lies
While others in their minds with hold
Speak it not- or you shall suffer
Whisper not in depths untold

Listen not to other whispers
Close your ears, and lock your mind
Tell no soul, those words around you
Utter not the words untold

5 Responses to “Untold”

  1. Hmm,, When I read this poem, I feel….detached. I can hardly explain why, I just seem to leave my body, and let my mind wander, to far away recces of the poem.

  2. Good stuff just really dark lol. Keaton says quote “That kid needs some Jesus.” 😛

  3. This is good as well.

  4. AzureGothBunny Says:

    @Easton: You and your brother are still funny as always! (BTW, this is Allison–hope you guys remember me!!) Tell Keaton I say hi!! 😛

  5. AzureGothBunny Says:

    OMG. I just realized something–this reminds me eerily of a short story idea I have about secrets (I might be misinterpreting how you meant the poem to be, but still.) This shall be-eth the theme poem! :O

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