Thousand Pieces

As the darkness falls at our feet
Do we stoop to collect the shattered parts
Of the life that we once thought was complete?
Or cast away our hope from our lost and lonely heart?

Can we stand to see our hope’s demise
The last of that which we held so dear
Till the last of life’s light is torn from our eyes
Just fall upon your knees and know the end is near!

For all the happiness that we think we hold
Is ripped from our arms that grasp with hope
And the darkness we despise engulfs our soul
Till our only source of peace hangs at the end of a rope

Can we find the thousand pieces of our shattered heart
Can we stand to look in the broken mirror of the soul
Without first seeing our reflection on every single part
And know without doubt that we shall never be whole!

None shall know the terror that is my own
When the darkness consumes your mind, heart, and soul
When the bliss washes away to reveal that we are alone
That where once was a heart is now a gaping hole!

For no one can collect the thousand pieces that lay broken,
And none can replace a heart that has stopped within
I take the scar that I wear upon my body as a token
To remind me of the lies that hide my sin…

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