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Posted in Uncategorized on January 29, 2009 by thescarlet

The symphony of  death calls unto us
For all our pride, our greed, our lust
Deserve the fall from glory
We live a slowly ending story

The life we live, pain of existence
The drug called “hope” is useless
We fear the sky, for none can see
This world of hate, no use to me

We burn in torment of out heart
We kill our friends, tear them apart
Seeking hate, we feast on anger
Deny our friends, believe the stranger

The sin of life is just to live
All those we hate we can’t forgive
There is no way to save the earth
We die in life, we kill from birth

No hell can hold within the pain
That we all have suffered day to day
Fear not the world, for they are lying
We fear our lives, for we are dying

This is the tale to end all souls
the fear of death we all shall know
We do not live we all are dead
The scarlet blood is flowing red

Darkness falls from skies of gray
The hope of light, it fades away
Destruction of earth comes slow
Corroded skies, the hell below

We tear the sky, and we end life
We live in death, we die in strife
No death will take away this hell
Until the world in darkness fell

The damned cry through bleeding lips
The silent lies through darkness slip
No longer pain, the death is real
It Burns our soul, the flames of hell!


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The fear of the undying
Their voices call upon me
Their endless tale of Lying
Blindness falls upon the will to see

No one comes to save you
Can it turn the sky from gray?
This pain, it tears your soul in two
Nothing more can take my fears away

I can feel my nightmares
The pain of life is ripping out my throat
Cannot wash away my fears
Realize in torment-
The song of death has reached its final note

No way to understand my pain
From all of those we cant forget
Can you take this hell away?
The will of the undying, not to live

Out stretched arms from within the grave
The will to live we all forsake
The tears we shed we cannot save
My dreams are killing me awake

No way to understand
Within my soul is crying
As darkness falls upon the land
This pain of mine- undying!

death bell

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Cries of those who weep in vein
As the death bell tolls its final song
Forgotten memories of pain
The death of those who do no wrong

The crescent moon above you reings
The bloody red That fills the sky
The lonely death of all is near
The empty utter silent lies

The painless death shall not be
The hope of all, is all but none
The veil of grey that holds the sea
The tempting fate is never done

Bite your tounge to hold back anger
Tear the pain from bleeding heart
The eyes behold, the vision linger
The misery shall tear apart

The hope of Light is gone forever
The dawn of death shall never forsake
In the darkness, painless? Never
The death bell calls to pain, Awake!


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Hail the voice, the victorious dead
    The cold that bites the flesh
Hail the rain that wash away
  The bloody field remains

Above the mountains, darkness
The same within my soul
My heart is falling breaking
Never to hear its final tale

Beneath the fall of bitter cold
The end of all that we know
Feel the evil, fear the world
Nothing more than life untold

The tail of nothing more than life
The fear of death to come
Hail the end, life’s final battle
Hail the fall earth’s final sin.


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Death corrupts the darkest soul
It burns in blackest hell
The world you know is all but gone
None shall save the bitter end
All shall fall into the grave

Burning, tearing, biting within the void
Clawing at your eyelids
Screaming in you torment
Shall never bring life back
Near the end of all that once was good

The corrupted fill the void
With the fear and horror of humanity
And all you know is dead
The sky hath fell in darkness
The ground rots away
Like the silent words that vanish in the dark

Tear apart the world you know
To quench your thirst for blood
That flows upon the earth like rain
To silence those who scream for death
The anguish within final breath
That opens wide the gates of hell

It pulls you in and binds with death
Shall the end at last heal forever?
The plagues that come from hate and lies
In death of the corrupted
Flesh burns in tormented blackness
And hell shall bring about destruction

From all that is evil, corrupted earth
The fearless dead within the void
The blood of thousands shed
The Death of countless Innocent souls
That means nothing but to stifle
The cries of the corrupted.


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In this pool of blood
There is no place to run
No were to turn
But into the darkness

Do you run to it?
Or cringe in its presence?
Do you embrace the darkness
Or chose this day to die alone

Damned to eternal suffering
This choice is your own
Careful how you chose
Or Drown beneath existence


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White is death
And black is sorrow
That which intertwines my soul is grief
For misery hath found itself renewed

The lost souls embrace the will to live
The wrath that burns my heart to ash
In the fire that burns in the light of shadows
The souls unseen in darkness

Grief and pain the fear of darkness
The eternal flames that burn my soul
And rain ember upon the forgotten damned
Sweet death to those who have passed

The land of death, and sky of grey
Withing the darkness consume
No light escape the coming twilight
The darkest realm of sorrow

Torment of the flame unseen
The silent scream of desperate minds
Tear the veil of forgotten memories
within the night a cry unheard

Flesh is burned, unending sorrow
All is lost within the realm of the Dead
Gone to darkness, consumed in madness
There is no hope to those who pass

Nightmares burn the mind uncharted
Pain shall grasp with fear unseen
The dawn none shall behold
As night falls upon the forgotten

The blood of countless souls run black
As the darkness consumes the life within
No light residing, no death too great
Only in painless sorrow weep

Darkness burns the flesh to nothing
Leading countless into death
Dead is the land of no tomorrow
No dawn to break the curse of fear

Time is gone, forever waiting
In shadows fear shall grip the heart
And the reoccurring memory of light
shall fade with the darkness that is forever

Death alone resides this land
Though many more hath fallen prey
Death shall come to those who fear it
And no rest for those who seek its embrace